Set in London in an alternate reality, 2088 is an epic tale of love, courage and sacrifice. A post-crash recession has meant that The Establishment have exercised full control and the divide between rich and poor has become insurmountable. Targeted drugs, artificial intelligence and implants have changed who we are, what we love and how we access knowledge.

Furthermore, people are getting sick. Antibiotics no longer work and there is an inhumane race for The Establishment to find the cure to fight this silent war.

On the outskirts a community known as The Syndicate is rising. For years they have been trying to bring down The Establishment – grooming child conspirators, building villages underground and training warriors. In an attempt by The Establishment to create the ideal, disease free race, a virus is developed to wipe out all the men.

The women fight on.

2088 is an emotive and poignant version of the future, which could become all too real.