Many companies try to work in this style, dramatising real events and political struggles. They usually fall short either because the information dominates the characters or the characters merely spout information. This company has it exactly right; the information is expressed with agonising humanity and brings the audience into the heart of the struggle, making them aware of exactly what it is like to 'be there.'
London Theatre
It is the acting department where Robbi Stevens’ efforts are mostly rewarded, delivering emotionally truthful and absorbing performances right across the cast! But what is particularly striking about the show is the commendable uniformity among the cast in terms of their passionate enthusiasm, backed-up with substantial skill and well-tuned craft that delivers what all theatre-goers look for from the theatre - interesting and compelling performances
Act Drop
RAaW aims to shine a light on issues such as mental health, domestic abuse, drug addiction, poverty and sexual assault. These are big, challenging themes and it is a nice concept to make the hefty nature of such issues so grand in scale. A spectacle of mixed media – film, lighting and sound – is boldly cinematic and accentuates the tone of high drama, disaster and destruction onstage as we watch each woman’s life, hopes and dreams fall apart.
Theatre Weekly
This play does, briefly and skilfully, show us what it is to endure oppression and also dramatise the need to fight against it at all times, because it is not going to go away. This company is a true multi-genre ensemble, dedicated to ‘championing new talent’ and ‘producing current and vibrant film and theatre.’ Bravo to everyone involved.
London Theatre
Expertly directed by Robbi Stevens, the play has a decidedly filmic, multi-dimensional quality, and the intercutting between many different scenarios is expertly crafted. Exploring issues such as sexual assault, domestic abuse, poverty, drugs, age and mental health problems, The Chaos Theory is not an easy watch and is, at times, uncomfortable and seriously challenging. But theatre should and must be all of these things.The Chaos Theory is stylishly challenging with some seriously squalid, dysfunctional setups and equalling difficult denouements interwoven into drama at its very best! With a solid ensemble of nine, the level of performance was excellent.
The Review Chap
A fantastic place to witness fresh and current work in theatre and film. RAaW has produced incredibly moving pieces of urban theatre, highlighting new young talent at the forefront of their casts. Two plays that have stuck with me are Endurance (2015) and Rise (2017), that unite a myriad of historical events to explore how people 'endure' and 'rise' against oppression and prejudice. These high quality productions stem from the strong backbone of the company's training program, which provides a support system for growing actors and artists to receive professional training and develop a work ethic.
Maisie Fawcett, RAaW Training Alumna
I worked on the chaos theory production as makeup and hair designer. Everybody was so professional and great to work with. The finished shows looked incredible and I’m very proud and great full to of been a part of it. Thank you all so much especially Robbie you guys are amazing!
Jess Saywell, Makeup Artist
RAaW is particularly wonderful as it uses its platform to create exposing political theatre that raises awareness about hidden topics and that challenges taboos.
Eloise Oliver, RAaW Alumna
Innovative and unique company producing relevant and REAL theatre & films. Prepare to be pushed outside your comfort zone as an actor in a hugely supportive and wholesome way, and once you do you will really reap the rewards once you truly give yourself to the craft and technique taught. RAaW is all about instinct, and with that, thinking, feeling, sensing, devising and delivering, truly a hidden gem in London!
Rory Kennedy, RAaW Training Alumnus
It's where I found my home, where I belonged and the love in the company really is extraordinary. Robbi Stevens, the founder of the company, is feircely inspiring and she continues to inspire me throughout my life and my career. I don't know how she does it but year after year and with all the new faces she creates a completely judge free safe space where you are free to explore your limits and are encouraged to see how far you can go. Individuality is celebrated and honesty is essential it really is RAW. I have no idea what I’d have done without RAaW London and I’m so very grateful I can still run to Robbi.
Jasmyn Banks, RAaW Alumna
I went along to The Chaos Theory play not knowing exactly what to expect, i had a rough idea about the story line. I Was not prepared to be blown away the way I was, it is without comparison the most powerful, thought provoking piece of art i have ever witnessed. I have a lot of personal experience with the content and it had me in tears. The actors were amazing and i cannot praise the guys at RAaW enough, the work they do is priceless. This would easily get 10 stars if it were available.
Kenny Brown, Audience Member