Human trafficking is a common, tragic phenomenon, that is happening in the underbelly of our communities right now. Women and girls are disproportionately affected by modern slavery, accounting for 71% of domestic and 99% of sexual exploitation slavery.

Binta thought she was leaving Nigeria to come to England for a better education and to pursue her dream as an Acupuncturist. Instead, she became a domestic slave suffering years of brutality and inhumanity at the hands of her Uncle.

In this fifteen minute short film we also uncover the impacts of poverty and isolated communities in BINTA. Camilla moved to the UK from Italy when she was a young girl. We see her struggle with poverty and having so much responsibility at such a young age. Her life becomes robotic as everything is about income generation and the feeling that nothing can be added to the equation.

In this story of two women in an unlikely friendship, we go on a nail-biting journey of what happens when we look up and out and see what is in plain sight and we come together.