Developing Audiences

The arts respond to a call from our individuality and help to shape our identity. The arts has the potential to become the driving force behind healing and connection.

Our aim is to deliver results in terms of new audiences and earned income. In order to do that, we need to integrate the arts in a holistic way into the fabric of our communities. To embrace different demographics in marketing strategies.

The arts are about engaging people who are different to you and having longstanding relationships. We must be passionate about why our work is necessary in the first place. Before we discuss strategy, we must first understand who we are seeking to serve.

It is through celebrating our diversity that we can appreciate our shared humanity. The arts can cross cultural and ethnic barriers and have communities sit beside one another.

We want to transcend differences, erase social issues, and celebrate diversity. We want to expand and diversify the make-up of our audiences and our commitment to that will be passionate and unrelenting. This is not a slogan on a grant application, but a reachable and essential goal.