Eden is a comedy play about a counselling group for people going through a recent bereavement. A safe space to bond and share with others experiencing loss. But everyone deals with loss differently - sometimes very differently - and this safe space soon begins to feel less of a haven and more of a hell. Is there a right way to deal with loss? A wrong way? Or should they all just accept the Eden way? And if they can't find a way to accept their loss, how can they ever hope to move on?

Covering themes of identity, social expectation, isolation and mental illness, Eden examines what happens when five disparate natures are thrown together in one common cause. A pitch-black comedy, which shines a light on what it means to be human and survive the early 21st century.

Award Winners and long-time associates, Victoria Howell and Robbi Stevens have teamed up again to create this non-apologetic comedy play and are currently workshopping themes and ideas around the script.