Human Rights

RAaW London raises awareness and provokes a response through the use of film and theatre.
The topics and issues we focus on vary depending on the nature of our films and theatre productions.
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  • Vulnerable Women
    Vulnerable Women
    Rape and sexual assault is todays shadow pandemic. It is ignored, maybe even accepted and is something only we as a whole community can cure. It is important that we raise awareness and tell stories to incite change in our communities.
  • Homelessness
    We work to highlight misconceptions surrounding poverty and homelessness and the impacts it can have on people’s lives. We also work at a grassroots level to raise money and support homeless people on the streets of London.
  • Mental Health
    Mental Health
    Depression and anxiety is the number one disability worldwide today. Developing fitness in mental health is one of our main priorities and is a thread through many of our workshops, coaching sessions, community enrichment work, film and theatre. We want to remove the stigma and build healthier communities.
  • Underprivileged Youth
    Underprivileged Youth
    So much potential is lost, when talented and inspiring young people don’t have the opportunities that others do. The voices of our future deserve to be heard! Those who don’t have access to the very experiences that are going to nurture and feed those voices cannot be left behind and we are committed to finding a space and celebrating their individuality.

    We also do grassroots projects with the homeless to have their voices heard and to raise money for their wellbeing.