It's work ethic is what stands out to me, if you don't already have one, you'll certainly leave with one.
Isidora Fairhurst - RAaW Graduate
It is great working with a group of such talented and wonderful people.
Rina Diamond - RAaW Graduate
I honestly wouldn’t know where I would be without RAaW Management... Not only was my talent nurtured and brewed, I was also given the opportunity to put my foot in the industry. I very much do recommend!
Tobi King Bakare - RAaW Graduate
With RAaW I felt nurtured and understood where my intentions were from the beginning. They gave me the necessary tools and honed down on my skills which also helped me gravitate this to my personal and everyday life, building my confidence in myself and knowing who I was becoming. As Management they gave me the support I needed and propelled me forward for the industry.
Khadija Hunter - RAaW Graduate
RAaW Management showed me exactly what I am capable of within this industry. I had booked my first job at 14 which gave me an unwavering hope that I can achieve whatever my heart desires. Under their guidance I was able to achieve a lot more than what imagined I would do being so young. They taught me how to approach an audition and how fearless I should be when I get into my element. And for that I will always be grateful.
Malachi Pullar-Latchman - RAaW Graduate
The management has given me a chance to utilize the skills that I have developed at RAaW in a professional environment. RAaW gave me the opportunity to audition for feature films, short films commercials and theatre. Because of this, my portfolio of experience had increased which had made me a better actor overall. Kandice and Robbi were always there to help if I had an issue or needed advice for an audition meaning that I always went in feeling supported.
Reda Elazouar - RAaW Graduate
For me RAaW Management played a crucial part in my transition into adulthood. I was completely supported emotionally as well as professionally throughout my time with them, and once the time came for me to move on, they helped and supported the process unlike other agencies.
Georgie McGuigan - RAaW Graduate
They keep providing me with excellent talent, and I have to keep coming back.
Lee Manson
You need an agent that has always got your back. With RAaW Management, you get that and more. I think representing RAaW London actors is their secret. They are able to see first-hand what you are capable of and learn more about you. They are brutally honest, and I love them for that. So, when they say they believe in you - THEY BELIEVE IN YOU!
Zakiyyah Deen - RAaW Graduate
He hasn't turned up, just wanting to do his lines - he has really thought about how we film this and really helped the production team with ideas. He is a real team player.