RAaW London is committed to creating a sustainable, replicable way of working. We don’t believe in meeting previous expectations. We look to growth and progress. With each project in film, theatre and the community, we aim to reach and impact more people.

Often, a project’s suitability to scale can only be proven through a pilot or proof of concept study. At RAaW, we work with new scripts however, we also go back to previous productions and work to rewrite and improve them. We pilot productions to learn and then work to make them bigger and better.

When designing set for theatre productions, we reuse materials from previous shows where possible. We work with ambiguous pieces of set to be as adaptable as possible. We repaint flats to avoid the costs of getting new flats made and transported. RAaW has systems in place to make sure we can securely store and maintain props, costumes and set from show to show.

Staging and touring theatre productions bring their own set of difficulties and rewards. We have adapted our writing and producing style to allow plays to be toured with more ease.

Scaling up isn’t just about touring, it’s about reaching wider audiences. Using film, we can make a bigger impact. We can preserve and replicate our work to inspire others and to influence our future projects. Much of our work is available through RAaW Digital.