Making a film can be a costly process. We spend a lot of time fundraising and budgeting for the inevitable costs of making a film such as crew or location costs. At RAaW, we produce issue led films that impact society. We aim to reach disadvantaged youth, the homeless and other minorities through the use of film. We also produce comedy to celebrate humanity and impact on untold stories from a different angle.

By sponsoring one of the following elements of film production, you will directly support the quality of the project:

  • Contribution of £300 for a support officer to enable us to integrate homeless people into the production team safely and efficiently
  • DOP costs
  • Sound costs
  • Editing costs
  • Location cost
  • Marketing officer to reach NGOs and community groups who will benefit from the issue being raised

These costs fluctuate depending on the scale and location of each project. For more info on our latest film projects, please contact