There are plenty of ways your group or community can support RAaW London!

Whether you are celebrating your wedding, anniversary, birthday or retirement, you could help others at the same time. Asking friends, family and colleagues to donate to RAaW London, instead of giving a gift or buying a drink on your special occasion, is a fantastic way to raise money.

The easiest way to go about fundraising on your special day is to get in touch and set up a JustGiving Page. Once you've created the page you can share it with your family, friends and colleagues, through links and social media. The money donated on your JustGiving page comes straight to RAaW London. It will also allow you and those who have donated to keep track of how much is raised.

We would be more than happy to send you our logo to add to your materials. If you need any other assistance let us know what you need and see how we can help.

Please do let us know if you are thinking of supporting us on a special occasion - we'd love to hear from you!

Contact us for more at