RAaW London are committed to maintaining a sustainable and affordable way of working in theatre, film and the community. We are constantly searching for new innovative ways to improve our carbon footprint.

Catering and Reusable Kitchenware

Paper cups generate 253 million pounds of solid waste per year and use approximately 6.5 million trees and 4 billion gallons of water to produce per year. Back stage in every show and on every film set, RAaW uses reusable crockery and cutlery as this is both more sustainable and more cost effective than using single use items. We encourage people to consume the food/drinks we supply rather than buying their own plastic bottles/containers to create as little waste as possible. The food we supply is mainly plant based as 58% of food emissions come from animal products.

Reusing Set, Costumes and Props

When designing set for theatre productions, we reuse materials from previous shows where possible. We work with ambiguous pieces of set so it can be as adaptable as possible. We repaint flats to avoid the costs of getting new flats made and transported. RAaW has system in place to make sure we can securely store and maintain props, costumes and set from show to show.

Waste and Rubbish

Some level of waste is inevitable on both film sets and theatre productions so at the end of each season, we gather everything we can and recycle it, allowing as little waste as possible. We have a brilliant team of creatives who find ingenious ways to reuse as much as possible. We dispose of the left-over waste ourselves as to avoid collection costs and unnecessary trips contributing to our Co2 emissions.

Lights, Camera, Action!

At first, it seems impossible to make film and theatre environmentally friendly when there are so many lights and cameras involved however by using rechargeable batteries and LED lights, we can decrease battery waste as well as extensive use of mains power. We keep crews minimal to avoid excess travel and work to find locations that are close to one another. We use BAFTA Albert to carefully calculate our Carbon Footprint for each production so we can make sure our actions are effective.

Training and The Office

At RAaW we reuse and recycle 100% of the paper we use both in the office and after training. We now send all scripts and handouts digitally and use scrap paper in the office. We also use LED lights in our office and solar panels supply the power to our storage facility. We encourage our students to use reusable water bottles during training to avoid excess waste.