RAaW London teaches a varied curriculum to prepare actors for a career in stage and screen. We are committed to producing thought provoking and challenging work in film and theatre and focus mainly on RAaW’s new writing, however, also delve into published works.

We create a space to allow actors to transform and evolve through both alternative and traditional methods. One of our aims is for actors to tap into their own vital force which will serve them not only as an actor, but as a person.

RAaW training is bespoke, radical and organic. We work on sharpening the skills that bring out individuality and celebrate differences. We are small enough to, over time, understand and respect each actor for who they are at their core and work on building their seed with The Stevens techniques, in order to grow. For us, the person, is the important thing.

We also, dedicate time and resources to the coaching of skills that may not come naturally to the actor but are needed in the industry. Those skills include dialect, voice, movement, self-tapes, audition technique, stage and screen combat and more. As we run a very successful actors’ agency, we are in touch, on a daily basis, with the industries ever changing needs, which reflects in what we teach. Every term we re-assess those needs and adapt accordingly.

We offer very affordable actor training and every last penny we make goes straight back into building up the training in the course and platforming the students in film and theatre. We don’t offer separate classes outside of actor training. The only actor training we do is in Camden on Saturdays. There are four to five different groups/courses on a Saturday dependant on age and experience.

For more information about the courses, please see the prospectus above.