Check out our alumni below
  • Sophia La Porta
    The knowledge and experience this place hold across the board of coaches and actors is outstanding. Be prepared to work hard and reap the benefits tenfold. Can’t recommend it enough.
  • Jack Rowan
    RAaW has given me unique ways to not only discover my strengths as an actor but also who I am as a person. The dedicated and professional teaching staff never let us settle on less than our 'very best'
  • Jasmyn Banks
    Individuality is celebrated and honesty is essential it really is RAW. I have no idea what I'd have done without RAaW London and I'm so very grateful I can still run to Robbi when I need to get over myself and nail a job!
  • Reda Elazouar
    The training is like no other that I have seen and very different from other part-time drama schools. This makes it unique in the way they build you as an actor and a person who is fully able to understand their emotions and portray them truthfully on stage/screen.
  • Tobi King Bakare
    The intimacy and intensity that is dedicated to everybody’s individual craft’s is something not every institution can give! Apart from the great acting training the overall family feel and genuine love from everybody keeps you going and is comforting in our cruel industry.
  • Simon Stache
    RAaW London is exactly how acting should be learned! I gained lifelong friends and teachers from my time with Robbi Stevens.
  • Dani Moseley
    They have an awesome standpoint of you taking the time through your training to work out what your unique selling point is as a performer, giving you all the tools you need, but allowing you to find which best suit you in different capacities.
  • Zakiyyah Deen
    It’s raw, as the name suggests, authentic and heartfelt. They are able to see first-hand what you are capable of and learn more about you. They are brutally honest, and I love them for that. So, when they say they believe in you - THEY BELIEVE IN YOU!
  • Thea Beyleveld
    I made lifelong friends and the training was invaluable. I wouldn't be a professional actor without the support I had here.
  • Malachi Pullar-Latchman
    No other place of training in my opinion has come close to RAaW. The mentors are passionate about seeing everyone succeed and they believe in you more than you could imagine.
  • Michael Fatogun
    Great place to train. Learnt a lot also had lots of fun training here.
  • Joanne Maroun
    It equipped me with a brand new and exciting tool kit for Acting for Screen. Every lesson I felt inspired and creative whilst working towards my Showreel.
  • Isidora Fairhurst
    RAaW is a second home to many, a place that not only teaches extraordinary acting skills, but also life skills and how to become a better person in today's society. Its work ethic is what stands out to me, if you don't already have one, you'll certainly leave with one. Its hard work is mostly reflected in its theatre performances.
  • Daniel Gutierrez-Velez
    I recommend this place and anyone aspiring to be an actor. They have many methods that they teach in acting and are always willing to hear you out if you need to talk. They give all the students opportunities to shine and they quickly recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pippa Conway
    Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that a 6-month acting course would have propelled me this far in such a short space of time, but RAaW has and I feel more focused, grounded and excited for my future as an actor than ever before.
  • Michael David
    Had an absolute blast at RAaW! Great training with a variety of essential classes and tutors that pushes you to your full potential in a really supportive environment. RAaW has a real charm where actors and tutors keep in touch and work together after graduation.
  • Phoebe Alice Ritchie
    Dynamic, focused, intensive and inspiring acting/film experience with RAaW! I really resonated with The Stevens Technique. This helped me build and expand my actor toolkit, working in a raw, focused and energetic way. There is a real sense of community at RAaW, passion for the craft and a hard working spirit.
  • Emma-Jane Hinds
    The training is intense and of the highest quality, covering everything from emotional availability and acting for camera, right through to stage combat and comedy writing. The course teaches the truth about the industry, encouraging the student to be a well-rounded performer and creative who makes their own opportunities. RAaW has a warm supportive, family which makes you the best performer you can be.
  • Georgie McGuigan
    Amazing place to train as an actor. You learn so many valuable lessons about the industry, the craft and most importantly (without sounding too cheesy!) yourself. Highly recommend!