Stage 1:

A two-minute, self-written speech, about something that challenges you emotionally, written from your own experiences, but from a character’s perspective.

Stage 2:

Another speech, something else – something we feel we need to see in you. An on-line conversation about goals and purpose and to get to know each other.

Stage 3:

If successful the actor will be accepted onto our Audition Workshops. These are four two-hour workshops on Saturdays (different days) at a cost of £20 each which will be taught by a number of different coaches from the main course. The workshops are designed to allow both the actor and RAaW to make the decision about whether the course is right. The workshops are also designed to get the actor familiar in techniques taught at RAaW. Workshops run on a Saturday in Camden from June to September and unlike the main course – the actor can choose when to commit to the workshops to fit around holiday arrangements.

If successful in all three stages, the actor is accepted onto the main course.