RAaW KIDS is for children aged 8 – 11 (school class years 4 - 6), interested in the performing arts. When children go to Secondary School at 11 or 12 years old, they have the option of moving into the main training company in the Juniors. We are based In Camden and operate on Saturdays only.

Established in 2000, RAaW Kids is about finding truth in performance in a non-stagey way and about having fun in a safe environment.

At RAaW KIDS, we have three terms with a different emphasis for each – technique, theatre and film. We work towards creating short films however, you do not have to do a film to do the course. You can just attend the course and learn the techniques, which is the heart of the course anyhow. Instead of rehearsing film scenes, you will do improvisation for screen.

To join parents must first fill out an application form. On receipt of this, an audition will be offered. The audition is for us to get to know the child and decide whether or not they are suitable for the course and/or existing group.

We ask the child to prepare a small speech about what they enjoy and what challenges them in life. We then ask them some questions relating to what they have said in order to get to know them better. It is very friendly and we are setting the children up to succeed in the auditions.

We are looking for potential, so experience is not essential, however, we are also looking for children who can focus, take direction be a good team member and have fun!

Many of our RAaW KIDS move up to the main RAaW Training when they get older and we may offer representation through RAaW Management.